Current Business Specials: All

Current Business Specials: All

Current Business Specials: All

Website Examples

Sales and Services

Basic Business Listing

Premier Business Listing

Business Cards


Club Flyers

Office Stationary

Event Posters

“Your Logo Here” Banners


Graphic Print Medallion (online only)

Video Medallion (online only)

Digital Pop-Up Ad

Black Business of the Week Radio Special

Exclusive Page Medallion

Logo Design

Advanced Business Consultation

Social Media Consultation

112 x 60 Web Banner

222 x 60 Web Banner

450 x 60 Web Banner

900 x 60 Web Banner

Radio Promotional Package #1: 30 spots

Radio Promotional Package #2: 60 Spots

Radio Promotional Package #3: 100 Spots

1/8 Page Ad (black & white)

1/4 Page Ad (black $ white)

1/2 Page Ad (black & white)

3/4 Page Ad (black & white)

Full Page Ad (black & white)

1/8 Page Ad (color)

¼ Page Ad (color)

½ Page Ad (color)

¾ Page Ad (color)

Full Page Ad (color)

Inside Back Cover (color)

Inside Front Cover (color)

Back Cover (color)

FaceBook Fan Page Setup & Consult

E-Blast Sponsor

Custom MySpace Page

Custom Twitter Page

Custom YouTube Page

Website Hosting

Website Upgrade (existing customers only)

Website Redesign

1-5 Page Website Designed

Television/Internet Video Ad Production

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